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Juldikt 2017

bakningPosted by mats krantz Sun, December 17, 2017 15:02:08
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Christmas Poem 2017

Soon we will celebrate the birth

Of Christ in the town of Bethlehem

And we will promise to what it is worth

To follow the habit of them

Who worshipped Jesus the son of God

But remember they were all men and white

Isn't that a bit odd

The women were totally out of sight?

Only Maria and Marta was there

Washing Jesus feet and smeared them with expensive oil

And dried them with their own long hair

Causing the disciples minds to boil

Because to use expensive liquid for a purpose like that

Instead the women should prepare for a bite

When the men had there important chat

And according to St Paul women should keep quite

If today Christ would was a member of the US Congress

He would have been seriously out on thin ice

He would be forced to resign after he had to confess

That to the women he could have been much more nice

So why women celebrate Christmas is hard to understand

They have been treated like a second class citizen

The church is an institute built on loose sand

Just wait until the women realize and then...

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